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Please Note:
There will be a temporary disruption in the field while drainage is installed and to the entrances while improvements are made. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Work is due to begin on Monday 12th Nov and may last for 3 weeks.

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Friends of Whitecotes Playing Field

Minutes of Meeting

Held at Whitecotes Primary School on 25 April 2017

Officers Present:

Keith Falconer – Chairperson

Josie Cooper – Treasurer

Linda Oades – Secretary

Linda Coles – co-opted member


Andy Hill – Vice Chairperson


Welcome from Chairman


Keith Falconer welcomed all those present to the meeting. 


Approval of Previous Minutes


The minutes of the previous meeting which was held on 8 September 2016 were approved and signed.




A recent email had been received from the Forward Planning Department which included the following information:-


“With regards to the draft Local Plan the site in question was not included in the list of potential housing sites”.   


Update on Monies Held


Josie the Treasurer reported that the £1600 and £500 grants from the Derbyshire County Council Community Leadership Scheme had been used to purchase two notice-boards, which are due to be delivered within the next couple of weeks, along with paying for the room that evening and printing ink and paper.


Website and gmail


The Secretary Linda thanked Simon Marriott for the professional website he has built for the group called Whitecotes Playing Field.  This has been kindly sponsored by his company, and the photographs on there have been taken using his drone. 


We would encourage our members to visit the site which has information on the history of the field along with the shared memories some of our supporters have on the area.  We also publish the latest minutes and newsletters on there. The website also has an email for you to contact us:-  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can also use the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. with any comments/suggestions you would like to make.  The more people we have on our mailing list the easier it is for us to get in touch with everyone, and when the notice-boards are erected it is hoped that this will make more people aware of the Friends Group.


Plans, Illustrations and Quotes


Over the course of the last few months a few of the group have been meeting with various contractors in order to obtain quotations for the project the price totalling some £101,875.00.


Linda, one of the Committee Members, presented the information we have so far on the equipment we are hoping to gain funding for, relating to the current play area and the older children’s equipment, plans and illustrations of these had been put up for the attendees to view. 


Linda explained that in order to arrive at the decision on the various play equipment chosen, a considerable amount of time had been spent visiting various play areas and getting feedback from the users and providers to identify the most popular items along with the most durable.  The group is also looking to provide goalposts and basketball facilities, illustrations of which were on view.


Costings and Funding


The costing and funding part of the project is rather complicated in that once the quotations are received, agreed and eventually put forward for funding to one of the landfill operators a Contributory Third Party is required for 10% of the cost of the project funding applied for. We have now received confirmation that Derbyshire County Council have kindly approved the grant of £10,188 to cover this which means we can hopefully go ahead and apply to the Landfill Operator for funding of the project when the next funding round can be applied for in June.  We are therefore looking to collect the relevant information required for this date including Letters of Support and signed petitions from members of the public.  The funders also require a letter from the owner of the land confirming that they will leave the equipment in place for at least 3 years.


We would still have a shortfall of £3,191 on the project, however, as what is called the  Preliminaries for the contractors as follows are not covered by the funding organisation:-


·         Establish working area.

·         Allow for access for vehicles.

·         Toilet / welfare facilities provision.

·         Health & safety/traffic management etc.

·         Temporary safety fencing / signage.


Ron Milhaly was thanked for his assistance in putting us forward for the Community Priorities Programme and he felt that it may be an idea to approach the Borough Council to see if they could help with the shortfall.




Those present then discussed the provision of benches.  It was agreed that seating should also be made available at the Grindlow Avenue end of the field and the possibility of sponsored seating was raised.   Apparently Poolsbrook Park have had a lot of families wanting to sponsor a bench in their park and it was felt that approximately £500 for a man made timber seat would be a tangible way for a bereaved family to remember a loved one by. 


Vacancy for Treasurer


A request for a treasurer or assistant treasurer had been sent out with the last newsletter and Ron Mihaly said that he would approach a company he knows to see if they could provide some help with this, particularly with the auditing side.


Also if there is anyone in the community who has experience of filling in funding forms their input would be greatly appreciated.


Any Other Business


A local resident at the meeting brought up the subject of trees in the park, or rather lack of them.  It was confirmed that back in September 2016 Linda had consulted with William Thornhill the council arborist who is on the Greenspaces Team at the council.  He identified several places where tress could be planted ie by the side of the cemetery fence, at the corner of and along the bank of the football field, and making up the hedge of trees along the Whitecotes Park side of the football pitch.


There had been a possibility of acquiring some free trees at one point this year but unfortunately the contact at the council was not available to give consent for us to proceed with this but it is something we are monitoring.


Current State of Field


It was reported that the field has not been cut in the far corner behind the houses on Grindlow Avenue and that youths had been congregating there.  This is to be brought to the attention of the council, along with the repainting programme which has still not been completed.



One of the attendees of the meeting reported that when they had been looking to secure funding and had a shortfall they had approached the suppliers who had been good enough to reduce their quote in order for the project to continue.


Ron Mihaly said that he had experienced a lot of goodwill in the community and was sure that we would be able to acquire some help.



It was reported that there was still no word about the Section 106 money that would become available from the building levy on the houses to be built next to Walton Hospital.