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Friends of Whitecotes Playing Field

Annual General Meeting Minutes


Held on the Whitecotes Playing Field - Wednesday 5 August 2020

Officers Present:

Keith Falconer – Chairperson

Andy Hill – Vice Chairperson

Josie Cooper – Treasurer

Linda Oades – Secretary

Linda Coles – Co-opted member

 5 members of the public



Welcome from Chair

Keith thanked all those for coming along to the field for the AGM.  It had been agreed to hold the meeting on the field so that as many people as possible could meet face to face but in a safe manner.


Approval of Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous AGM meeting which was held on 5 August 2019 were approved and signed.


Treasurer’s Report

Josie confirmed that there is currently £781.22 in the bank account and a copy of the certified accounts for 2019/20 which had been signed off on the 21 July 2020 were passed around those present to scrutinise.



Tarmac Path

It had been noted that the tarmac path which runs from the playground to the cemetery gate has had cracks appear in several places.  In June an email and photographs of the cracks had been sent to the contractors who confirmed that they would log this and send someone along to investigate.  


The Borough Council were also informed at the same time and they replied:


“This is not uncommon and at this stage does not appear to be a big issue.  Whilst it could be classed as a latent defect to rectify may be one that should be monitored. More often than not they do not develop further.”


This situation will be monitored.





Grass Drainage Path

The sand which was put on top of the drain down the middle of the field has started to wash away in a few places.  This had been reported to the council in July for one of the maintenance teams to have a look at.  


It was also reported at the AGM that the path which runs from the cemetery gate to the middle drain has also developed some holes.  This is to be reported to the Council and also ask if something more substantial could be used to refill the drain in order to level up the path.



After several emails and telephone calls to the Bereavement Services Manager at Chesterfield and District Joint Crematorium the request for a path to join up through the cemetery to the Whitecotes Playing field path was finally passed and financed by them and is proving to be very well used.  


A copy of the path diagram can be found on the which  continues to be sponsored and maintained by Simon for which we are very grateful.


Replacement of Viper Swing Seat

It was confirmed that the Council are going to replace the Viper Swing Seat along with the mats underneath during w/c 24 August.  As reported previously the replacement costs are over £1000 and the Council are not prepared to refit another should this happen again.


The company who supplied the equipment were emailed a few weeks ago to ask if a more substantial seat could be used but unfortunately it does not seem so – the reply was as follows:


“Unfortunately due to the nature of the product and safety standard requirement for impact testing, it is necessary that the Viper seat is supplied from a soft malleable material. We appreciate that this does also mean the seat can be easier to vandalise, however the safety standard compliance is something we are not able to comprise on.  Without vandalism occurring we have seen these ropes last in excess of 5 years – sometimes 10.


As you have been unlucky in this case with the vandal attack, after a relatively short time, we would like to offer this as per the below quote.   £1019.20 plus V.A.T.”


As you can see the result of vandalism comes at a huge cost.  






Grass Cutting

Everyone present agreed that the field is looking particularly well kept with the grass being cut on a two week cycle and that the Borough Council should be thanked accordingly.


It has been a pleasure to see so many new faces using the field with, football games, keep fit classes, children riding scooters on the new paths all happening. With the current situation it has been a breath of fresh air to escape to the lovely open space and we have received several emails expressing the benefits of the field.


The Committee said that a big thank should also be passed on to those users who continue to pick up litter on a regular basis.



It appears to have been a good year for self-sets which are doing particularly well next to the cemetery fence.  One of the committee members has an oak tree sapling which he is hopeful to be able to transplant in the long grass.



As agreed at the last AGM two Perspex signs with the various contact details were ordered and placed in the two notice boards. Unfortunately, the noticeboard at the Hazel Drive end of the playing field was vandalised but we did manage to rescue the sign.  We are hopeful that we may be able to utilise this at a later date.


The Borough Council has erected signs regarding Covid 19 and week commencing 24 August will also be replacing the current signage which is on the playing area fence with an updated clear sign regarding the playing field play space.


Anti-Social Behaviour

An email has been received regarding a few instances of youths riding motorbikes around the field.  It was agreed that it is important to bring all such matters to the attention of the Police Line in order that they can be logged accordingly.


It has also come to light that the football field at the Hucklow Avenue end is being churned up by three dogs whose owner parks his car and then releases the dogs into the field.  The holes created by these dogs can be a hazard and we have been advised to take a note of the times these visits occur and then if we manage to establish a daily pattern to report them to the Environmental Protection Team who will then have words with the individual.


Keith pointed out how important it is to take the trouble to report any incidents by phoning 101 and giving the Police and CBC as much information as possible, thereby officially logging each incident.



The secretary confirmed that information received regarding the anti-social behaviour via emails to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address will be passed onto the Derbyshire Constabulary.   


Fields in Trust Status

Linda O confirmed that this is still under review and it is hoped that the Committee will be able to work closely with the Borough Council so that we can achieve this status.


Continuance of the Friends of Whitecotes Group Committee

The present Committee Members are willing to continue in their roles but should anyone else like to join them they would be welcomed.


Keith thanked the committee for their hard work throughout the year.


Any Other Business

One of those present said that he felt it would be beneficial to the community if a multi gym could be erected on the park for adult use.  


It was agreed that we would look into this and gauge the feeling of the playing field users.  


Date of Next Meeting

To be confirmed.